In the Kitchen with Marianna Farag

I am no authority on the subject, but I sure am fascinated by this green revolution happening around the world – and how it is (or is not) developing, right here in Jamaica. While most developed markets are waking up to the hazards of junk food, it seems that we’re allowing them to penetrate our beautiful green island – that strangely enough, is home to many of the “super foods” the world seems to crave. We’re talking about ingredients such as moringa, soursop, callaloo, cassava, cerasee, turmeric, ginger, coconut (in all forms) to state a few! Do these ingredients sound familiar? They certainly should!

Fortunately, with the invasion of hyper-processed convenience food, there’s a conscious wave of resistance happening and largely driven by Millennials. It is also difficult to not mention the years-old Rastafarian dialogue about natural foods, that has already planted a seed in the food landscape. Additionally, with the internet & smartphones being a part of our lives, it’s even easier to understand, and perhaps, feel inspired by a plant-based diet. And whether you consider opting for a vegan lifestyle or not (vegan – no products that come from an animal, including all dairy and eggs!), I’d say it’s never a bad idea to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet!

There is nothing to lose by incorporating more plants on your plate – which is why I love the word “plant-based” so much, because it doesn’t limit one to being strictly vegan – let alone, the “unhealthy” type of vegan (which is a story for another day!). You just need to eat more foods that grow from the earth, foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein, iron… Nutrients that will energise you, help you reduce your cholesterol, improve your skin condition, mood, mental clarity- and so much more!

With that said, here are two vegan plant-based recipes that I’ve developed and that you may want to try out! And if you ever feel like getting out of your kitchen, there’s an extensive guide of Vegan Eateries on the blog, shared on here as well. Happy cooking!

Curried Okra and Chickpeas

An unconventional but filling meal!

Sorrel Cookeez

For the occasional sweet treat — in moderation!

Moringa Ackee

A fresh take on a Jamaican classic.

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