The ultimate coffee festival experience is held at the perfect location: at 3,500ft. on the parade grounds of the historic military camp, set against the dramatic backdrop of the Blue Mountains.

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Be prepared to spend the day enjoying the refreshing, cool mountain breeze, and copious amounts of coffee in all forms. Add to that some great food and live entertainment!

An on-time bus shuttle, on the hour, every hour, departs from UTECH campus in Papine, and takes patrons up to the location (this to avoid the long drive up the narrow, winding mountain road).

The grounds of the Jamaica Defence Force training camp are transformed into a lively marketplace filled with tents. All the major and minor players in the industry participate, from the coffee producers and processors, to the various purveyors.

There are live barista demos and samplings of hot and cold brews. Various coffee infused and inspired products are also displayed, from candles to craft. Even the food stalls treat patrons to their spin on innovative dishes using coffee as a key ingredient!

Now hosting for the third year, the event seems to get better and better. Tickets are pre-sold and over-subscribed. The Festival is part of Jamaica’s food tourism thrust and introduces visitors to the many attractions, as well as restaurants, cafes and eateries that are part of the Blue Mountain Culinary Trail.



Located at 3500 ft on the back bone of the mountain range, Newcastle was built in 1842 as a ‘change of air camp’ for the British soldiers. It was the first hill station established in the British West Indies. There were barracks for the soldiers and cottages for senior officers, as well as a church, bakery, hospital, ‘dead house’, supply and ammunition stores, shooting range, assault course and two burial grounds. Several of the old buildings still stand, and are under restoration. The parade ground is set in the middle and the stone wall is decorated with emblems of the foreign regiments who have stayed at the Camp. Today it is the home of the Jamaica Defence Force.

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