Marianna, aka “Nana” is the passionate, food- loving author behind the blog “Nana’s Kitchen”.

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WELCOME to Nana's Kitchen

Her mission has been to put out as many fun, flavourful, nutritious, easy-to-make recipes straight out of her small kitchen in Jamaica! Marianna is here to challenge the idea of vegan being “boring” and “expensive” – because in fact, it’s not! Largely self-taught (thanks to an awesome food-loving family and especially a most amazing mother), and with a short stint in the prestigious Michelin-star kitchens of the Hotel de Crillon in Paris; Nana’s recipes and methodology often seem to combine the warmth of home cuisine with the discipline and curiosity of high-end kitchens.

Her recipes have been featured in several international magazines including: Elle (France), Saveur and The Huffington Post (United States), Foodies of the World (Australia) and Serious Eats. Local media platforms such as TVJ, The Jamaica Observer and The Gleaner have featured her as well.

Curried Okra and Chickpeas

An unconventional but filling meal!

Sorrel Cookeez

For the occasional sweet treat — in moderation!

Moringa Ackee

A fresh take on a Jamaican classic.

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